Fetty Wap and Zoo Gang Zoo 16

1BlickyZoo 16 Freestyle
2Fetty Wap featuring House Party, M80, DJ Big L, and 4EvaDeath Before Dishonor
3Fetty Wap featuring MontyMy Way (Zoomix)
4Monty featuring Tapia GumitchHit Something
5Fetty Wap featuring PNB Rock and MontyZones
6Fetty Wap featuring MontyWhatever (Zoomix)
7Oskama featuring MontyLove Song
8Guwiii KidzRide
10Fetty WapAgain (Zoomix)
11Monty featuring PNB RockDeep End
12Remy BoyzOne I Want
13Fetty WapCouple Bands (Zoomix)
14Tapia featuring Fetty WapFuss Or Fight (Zoomix)
15House Party featuring Oskama, M80, and JunebombPoppin Pistols
16KhaosOn Me
17Fetty WapI'm Straight (Zoomix)


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