Jaden Smith Lost Tape

Jaden Smith Lost Tape JADEN SMITH

Lost Tape is a 20 track mixtape by Jaden Smith. It is considered a collection of rarities and singles recorded by Jaden Smith and is hosted by Hivemind Collective.

1Jaden SmithFast
2Jaden SmithOffering
3Jaden SmithTrophy
4Jaden SmithPleiadian Message (feat. Teo)
5Jaden SmithPassionate V3
6Jaden SmithPreach (Prod. by Teo)
7Jaden SmithER The Faculty (Prod. by Teo)
8Jaden SmithShakespeare
9Jaden SmithBEAST MODE (feat. TA-KU)
10Jaden SmithHigher Up (feat. Kid Kudi)
11Jaden SmithHurini Hulaysees
12Jaden SmithScarface
13Jaden Smith4 My 1 (Prod. by Daniel D'artiste)
14Jaden SmithWeekend In Atlantis (Prod. by Daniel D'artiste)
15Jaden SmithMSFTS Anthem 2
16Jaden SmithJETSKIS (Prod. by AzZi)
17Jaden SmithThe Worst (REMIX feat. Jaden Smith)
18Jaden SmithGonzoes
19Jaden SmithKite (feat. Willow Smith)
20Jaden SmithBlue Ocean

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